Primary School (Grades 1- 4)

Primary School (Grades 1- 4)


The focus in the Primary School is building strong foundations in academics, faith, and community. The Primary School provides a spiritual and educational environment valuing the development and growth of each child. Students explore a curriculum that provides hands-on learning and opportunities to deepen their faith. Small class size (average class size: 25) reinforces the sense of community.

Highlights of the Primary School:

  • Faith formation includes daily prayer, weekly Mass, monthly Virtues program, Penance services, and Prayer Partners.
  • Second graders prepare for First Penance and First Holy Communion in special religious classes and prayer throughout the year.
  • Balanced-literacy model in all grades incorporates focus lessons, shared reading, and small guided-reading groups.
  • Power of the Pen and Math Counts showcase activity-based learning.
  • Teaching staff has regular meetings to coordinate curriculum, lessons, teaching techniques, and best practices.