After 108 years of academic excellence, Sts. Peter & Paul School remains at the leading edge of Catholic education! Starting in 2010, Sts. Peter & Paul School began the journey to enhance the learning environment for students through the implementation of a STEM based curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). STEM based schools are recognized as leaders in providing the 21st Century skills students need to be successful in today’s world.

Sts. Peter & Paul School is pleased to go beyond STEM to become a STREAM based school. The first school in the Southern Ohio area to pursue this distinction, Sts. Peter & Paul School seeks to expand the project-based, inquiry-driven STEM model into the areas of Religion and the Arts. We are proud of being a Catholic school, and this step will help us to more closely align our mission with our Catholic Identity. Additionally, highlighting and furthering the success of our Fine Arts program will help us meet our goal of educating the whole child.

This instructional/curricular model originated with the 2007 report by the National Academy of Sciences, Rising Above the Gathering Storm and STEM has become a widely used acronym to describe schools’ increased emphasis on science and math and greater use of technology in classrooms to better prepare students for eventual careers in one of the four disciplines.

As a STREAM school, SPPS emphasizes the fine arts program which includes an outstanding instrumental music ensemble, honor choir, and theater program.

Our Catholic tradition teaches us to make use of the strong intellects with which God gifted us – we use reason and inquiry in Religion classes to pursue ever deeper understandings of our faith life.  Then, in a project-based environment we seek to make manifest God’s love for us through service learning in the community.

Critical minds and compassionate hearts – those are the hallmarks of a STREAM education at Sts. Peter and Paul School!


Core subjects include:

  • Religion – Educating children in the fullness of Catholic faith.
  • Language Arts – Reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  • Mathematics – Understanding and applying quantitative skills and solving real-life problems
  • Science – Developing scientific inquiry skills; maximizing hands-on learning to explore, discover, and experience the universe
  • Social Studies – Understanding rights and duties of citizenship; arts and culture of past and present; geography and environment; global solidarity and respect for difference

Additional subjects include:

  • Art – Learning about the elements and principals of art, how art reflects culture, and how it impacts the everyday world
  • Computer – Keyboarding, basic operating systems, and mainstream office applications provide a solid foundation in computer skills
  • Library – Developing mastery of basic library skills utilizing modern library facilities
  • Music – Studying composers and music history helps increase student appreciation of music.
  • Physical Education – Focusing on fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Sts. Peter and Paul adheres to the Diocese of Columbus Curriculum Guidelines.